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collored in the rainbow

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8/23/04 08:56 pm - ___far_and_few

can someone please make me a *red*orange*yellow*green*blue*purple* colorbar w/ mr stick stickly here?? saying "Stick Stickly is good old fashioned summer love."



8/23/04 08:25 pm - ___far_and_few

okay, im new here, and i know you've probably heard this ten thousand times, but if someone would please tell me how to actually make a color bar, that would be lovely! like i know find pictures and whatever, but how do you make them all colorful???

8/22/04 09:49 pm - starleopard - mass banners! XD

1 Amy Brown
1 Rion Vernon
1 Golden Boy
1 Princess Mononoke
1 Tenchi
2 Yami no Matsuei
1 submissive

follow the rainbow-not all work safe!Collapse )

8/22/04 07:42 pm - starleopard - testing!

Woohoo! The community is up and running!
Welcome to my color bar request community peoplez! x3 Here you're allowed to request all manners of color bars. All material is permitted here, however what is not tollerated are flamers! If someone posts a banner that you'd considder offencive (sexual/gay/political/religious etc...) refrain from bitching! People have that right to post that here.
Banners with nudity or other such expliscit content should have a 'NWS' warning behind the lj cut.
Please put all banners and requests behind a lj cut, thanks!
If requesting a color bar, put behind the cut any links to pictures you want used (it's nice to not make the mod(s) search for them), what special colors you want used-if not the regular rainbow, dimensions of each square, and a '____ is love' title.
Please do not alter the code when the banner is given to you, except for the image itself, as you will be given about a day to upload it to your own server.
Sharing your banners is fine of course, just out of curtesy, do not alter other peoples' codes, or claim them as your own.

All of this will be on the front page, I just needed something to post for a first entry x3 enjoy!
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